Simonne Sables

 I was first introduced to the Cape Handlers Dog Club at the age of 10 when my dad took our family dog Lifu for basic obedience. I enjoyed watching him and had seen people doing agility with their dogs back then and knew that one day I would also do that sport.

Fast forward many years later, once we finally got our own dog (Lexi), my husband (then boyfriend) and I brought her to training and he started with puppy class, I then did basic obedience then finally went into agility. Soon after I was approached by one of the trainers at flyball who asked if I would be interested in joining. I decided to give it a try and Lexi and I have been doing flyball ever since! We also have a rescue dog Bentley (shepherd mix) who was great at basic obedience, and we have since added a Rottweiler (Supernova) to our crazy family. My husband is currently training Supernova in working trials.

I also taught agility for about a year.

I thoroughly enjoy training my dogs and love to see the looks on handler’s faces when their dog “gets it right”. I love seeing the bonds form between handler and dog, and I hope to be training dogs for many more years to come!