Sheila Wills

I take Competing Special Beginners & Beginners  on a Sunday at 9-10M and Tuesday Competition Class in the evenings.

I have been a trainer for 30 yrs (14 at CHDC)

Fun facts:   Climbed Mt Kilimanjaro;  Climbed Mt Meru;  Been to the Arctic;  Been to the Antarctic; Crossed the Equator on foot and by sea;   I am probably the OLDEST trainer ever in CHDC;  I am a great granny;  I used to be a racing cyclist.

Mary Pat

Mary Pat teaches Competing Novice & A on a Sunday at 10-11am.

Barry Levitt

Flyball trainer at CHDC for 5 years.

Been playing Flyball for 8 years.

Trainer at Pure Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre.

Howard Armour

Howard teaches KUSA competing line, Class B and C on a Sunday at 10-11am

Tracey, been involved in training dogs and Dog handlers for over 20 years.

Competed in obedience and agility.

Foster Mom for puppies and adolescent pups.

Love everything dog.

She takes basic and advanced obedience