Membership fees

12 month membership

Standard: R1100 renewal R750

Student: R850 renewal R650

Pensioner: R850 renewal R650

month membership

Standard: R 800

Student: R600

Pensioner: R600

month membership

Standard: R700

Student: R500

Pensioner: R500

Banking Details:


Bank: Nedbank
Account number :107 402 5423
Branch code 198765
Cheque / Current account

Ref: Your Name and Surname & membership number
Send proof of payment (POP) to:


  • All new members can now complete the Canine Good Citizen Bronze at no extra cost.
  • You get an opportunity to join a second, third ,forth discipline  
  • Membership also entitles you to use our field during the week to exercise their dogs. However, any classes in progress must not be disrupted.
  • The club as a great kitchen offering tea/coffee/cold-drinks, breakfast, lunch, snacks every Sunday morning and our bar is open from 11.00 am, great for socializing after training.

  • There is a ‘doggy store’ called ‘Off Leash’ at the club every Sunday morning selling everything dog-related; many different treats, toys, collars, leads, gifts, skin/dietary products, etc.

Times for Casual Walking on the Club Fields

Mondays & Fridays:  07:00 – 19:00
Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays:  07:00 – 16:00
Saturdays & Sundays:  12:30 – 19:00


Complete the digital membership forms, and WhatsApp your name and surname to 078 708 1238 . We will need to see your vet book to ensure all inoculations are up-to-date a picture via WhatsApp if also acceptable. Please bring some very tasty treats for training rewards. We use the half correction collars and do not recommend harnesses for obedience training.

If your dog has any reactive issues around other dogs and/or people, please let us know and we will arrange for an assessment before you join up. For the safety and enjoyment of all and for successful training your dog should be comfortable in close proximity to other dogs and/or people. We have a 1-dog-per-handler and a 1-handler-per-dog policy. It is not feasible to train two dogs at once or expect a dog to be able to focus on two people at once.

For the more energetic activities dogs must be at least 9 months old as their muscles, joints, ligaments, etc. are still developing and, as these are all off- leash activities, must have completed at least the basics of obedience (ie. have a good understanding of the ‘wait’ command and a good recall).