Cape Handlers Dog Club, formed in 1987, is a KUSA affiliated dog club specialising in various training disciplines for all breeds of dog.


  • Your dog gets both mentally and physically stimulated in one training session
  • Both you and your dog will get fit
  • You and your dog will have tons of fun as loads of playing in involved
  • You will learn a lot about your dog, and he/she will learn to value you
  • You will gain a lot of control/obedience through training
  • It is a great way to socialize and meet new people and dogs


Handlers and dogs who do agility should have some running capabilities, and be athletic people as it is an active sport. While it can be taught, we love having dogs join us who love their toys/food, as this is how we reward them for correct behaviour in class. We love high drive/ crazy dogs!

Other disciplines

Consequently, the handler’s controls are limited to voice, movement, and various body signals, requiring exceptional training of the dog and coordination of the handler. Agility is not only about doing obstacles, there is a lot of life lessons a dog will learn through doing agility such as impulse control, co-ordination, focus, value for their handler, playing etc. While they can only compete at 18 months, we do encourage handlers to bring their puppies early on as there is so much flat work, handler value training and many other games we play with puppies which will mentally prepare them for more intense training later.

Once you have passed beginners, you will move onto Novice and then intermediate and eventually advanced where you will be prepared for competition (If you so desire) and you will start running bigger sequences etc.