Flyball is a discipline in which dogs race against each other over a line of hurdles to a flyball box that releases a tennis ball when the dog presses the spring-loaded pad, which has to be caught by the dog and then taken back to their handlers.

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Fly ball is a relay race that pits one team against another, and the fastest team wins. Dogs of all sizes, breeds and mixes are just loving the fun that comes with Fly ball. Fly ball is one of the few team sports for dogs, and the sport is for all dogs, including mixed breeds and rescues. Fly ball requires four dogs to compile a team. Each dog on the team must run down a lane, jumping four hurdles along the way, and then turn on a fly ball box that releases the ball. The dog must catch the ball and carry the ball back down the lane over the finish line, at which time the next dog on the team is released.
Scoring: Fly ball dogs earn points towards titles as a team. The fly ball titles will appear next to the dog’s name.
World Record: 14.182 seconds (12 April 2014, Team: Touch N Go in Utah, USA)
SA Best Time: 17.48 seconds (19 May 2012, Team: FBI SWAT in Johannesburg)
CHDC Time: 17.89 seconds (2018)